Future-Proof Your Christian Radio Station

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Future-Proof Your Christian Radio Station

“Radio has no future.” These were the words of Lord Kelvin in 1894, long before the days of WiFi or even television as we know it today. The fear of radio becoming obsolete has existed for over a century — yet, radio has evolved and reinvented itself with each new technological wave. Now, we find ourselves in a sea of smart devices. How can Christian radio stations continue to reach the world with the gospel even as smart phones and streaming become more prominent? 

In the United States, only 45% of people say that they listen to traditional AM/FM radio when they get into their cars. And with over 8 billion smart screens — including phones, tablets, televisions, and computers — actively used around the world today, there is an obvious need to reach screens just as effectively as we reach those on the traditional airwaves. 


Branching Out to Reach More

Don’t be discouraged — many people are still listening to radio broadcasts. These days, they’re just tuning in differently. People are on-the-go more than ever before, but they still want to be kept company by their favorite programming. Digital radio and streaming radio offer a fast-moving world the opportunity to take their favorite stations along in their pocket, whether they’re at their desk in the office, on a family road trip, or hitting the gym. 

Radio still matters to billions around the world — and reaching them with Christ matters more than ever before in a crowded media climate. But we must learn to adjust, finding ways to leverage technology in our ministry so that we can remain effective and engaged with the world around us. 

A study performed in the United States this year found that while 34%, or about a third, of people polled found themselves listening to the radio less often, 20% are actually listening more often — and 38% are just listening to the radio in new ways, either via internet streaming or on-demand podcast models. This should be encouraging to Christian radio stations everywhere! There are many audiences waiting just behind new platforms and methods. 


The App Advantage

Smart devices are the best market to expand into for traditional AM/FM radio stations — most potential audiences, regardless of demographic, have access to the internet, a device that downloads apps, or both. To future-proof your Christian radio station, tap into this technology using Radio Base. The Listen Live app allows you to meet your listeners in real time wherever they are — and you can upload pre-recorded content in seconds to give them on-demand options, too. Radio Base offers you a simple way to brand your station and share it globally through an easily accessible app and website, instantly broadening your ministry’s reach. 

With Radio Base, going live is simple, and the app offers innovative ways for your audience to engage with the content you’re producing. Listeners can give feedback about the song they’re hearing by “liking” or “disliking” it, so you can tailor your tracks based on what they love most. Even more importantly, you can connect with your base in ways that truly matter most through an interactive prayer wall and sharing The Bible in your listeners’ preferred language. 

If your Christian radio station is ready to reach more people through podcast, on-demand, video, and live content, Radio Base is here for you. And thanks to a strategic partnership between International Scripture Ministries and THRU the BIBLE, the entire Radio Base software suite is completely FREE for all faith-based broadcasters worldwide.

Get started on Radio Base today and future-proof your radio station for the journey ahead.

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