Connect With Your Audience Using a CRM Built for Radio Stations

Built for both teams and individuals, Radio Base’s Customer Relationship Management (CRM) feature allows you to reach new listeners worldwide. This CRM is a radio station’s all-in-one solution for automating schedules, tracking listeners, going live, and more.


Effortless Customer Relationship Management

Understanding your listeners is key to optimizing your radio stream.

Access convenient analytics like: how long listeners tune in, their peak times, how they’re connected, and where they’re listening from.

Customer Relationship Management Features

The “people management” feature allows you to track and manage a listener’s activities and information, such as: names, emails, phone numbers, gender, life stage, and volunteer status. Think of it like your directory; radio stations can add people using a CRM dashboard. You can also import any existing lists.

Create groups using various demographic factors, such as age, gender, etc. This feature helps you categorize people to reach them instantly and effectively.

Communicate with your listeners efficiently through emails and SMS. You can also send your messages in bulk to targeted groups.

Explore our integrated modules:


Reach more people by live-streaming your radio station or organization through the app. Host shows, podcasts, videos, and more.


Manage, publish, and distribute your content with unlimited cloud storage from sermons to podcasts to blogs.


Offer your listeners a way to contribute conveniently online, through your app or website, and see your station grow.


Effortlessly manage your user base and quickly send updates, ensuring effective communication with your audience.


Optimize listener engagement and boost brand visibility for your digital ministry.


Gain comprehensive insights to measure listener engagement and effectiveness of content reach.

Connecting with Global Audiences

The Radio Base platform’s CRM (Customer Relationship Management) module is designed to help content creators and broadcasters connect with audiences worldwide. If you aim to serve content to language groups like Czech, French, Greek, Hungarian, Italian, Lithuanian, Polish, Romanian, Serbian, Spanish, and Ukrainian, the CRM module provides the tools to engage with your listeners and manage audience interactions.

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Track and Manage Listener Activities and Information

The CRM module allows you to collect and organize listener data, including names, emails, and phone numbers. This functionality is crucial for maintaining a comprehensive understanding of your audience, whether they’re local or part of the diaspora community. With this module, you can effortlessly track listener activities, helping you to better understand their preferences and engagement patterns.

Create Audience Groups Based on Demographics

To tailor your communication and content to specific segments, the CRM module lets you create audience groups based on demographics. This feature is invaluable when reaching out to distinct language groups like Spanish, Ukrainian, or Greek. By segmenting your audience, you can customize your content and marketing strategies to resonate with each group, increasing engagement and connection.

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Communicate with Users via Email and SMS

The CRM module includes robust communication tools, allowing you to reach listeners through email and SMS. This is a powerful way to keep your audience informed about upcoming shows, events, or special announcements. By delivering personalized messages in their preferred language, you can strengthen your relationship with listeners and enhance their overall experience.

Manage Your Audience Through a CRM Dashboard

The intuitive CRM dashboard makes it easy to manage your audience and track communication efforts. With a clear and user-friendly interface, you can monitor listener engagement, organize contacts, and analyze communication metrics. This feature helps you maintain a pulse on your audience’s needs and adjust your strategies accordingly.

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Benefits for Local and Diaspora Audiences

The Radio Base CRM module is designed to connect with a wide range of language groups. This versatility is especially beneficial for content creators serving both local and diaspora audiences. By providing the tools to track, manage, and communicate with listeners in languages like Czech, French, Hungarian, Italian, Polish, Romanian, and Spanish, the CRM module empowers you to build meaningful connections across geographical boundaries.

The Radio Base platform’s CRM module is an essential resource for content creators seeking to engage with a diverse audience. With features that enable you to track listener information, create demographic-based audience groups, communicate through email and SMS, and manage your audience via an intuitive dashboard, this module provides everything you need to connect with listeners worldwide. Whether you’re reaching out to a local audience or engaging with diaspora communities, the CRM module is designed to meet your needs and help you grow your reach in languages like Czech, Greek, Lithuanian, Serbian, and more.

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