Bring the Best of Local Christian Radio to Every Listening Device

The Radio Base software suite lets your Christian radio station stream live to millions and connect with listeners around the world…for free!

Transform and future-proof your radio broadcast by meeting your listeners where they are: on their devices, smart speakers, modern cars, and more.

Bring the Best of Local Christian Radio

Streamlined Fundraising for Radio Stations

The Radio Base platform’s Contributions module is designed to help radio stations and content creators receive financial support from their listeners. It offers a variety of features that facilitate easy donation management, fundraising campaigns, and customized giving pages. This module is particularly valuable for those serving audiences in English and Spanish, allowing stations to connect with both local and diaspora supporters.

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In-App Giving Widget

The Contributions module features an in-app giving widget that allows listeners to make donations directly through your mobile app. This functionality makes it easier for your audience to support your station financially. Whether you’re reaching English-speaking listeners or Spanish-speaking communities, the in-app giving widget simplifies the donation process and encourages ongoing support.

Batch Donations and Easy Financial Organization

Managing donations can be complex, but the Contributions module streamlines the process with batch donations and easy financial organization. This feature allows you to group and process donations efficiently, saving you time and effort. With simple financial management tools, you can keep track of contributions and maintain a clear record of your fundraising activities.

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Create Fundraising Campaigns

The Contributions module enables you to create fundraising campaigns, helping you engage your audience and generate support for specific initiatives. You can design and launch campaigns tailored to your station’s needs, promoting them through your app and other communication channels. By offering bilingual campaigns in English and Spanish, you can connect with a broader audience and maximize your fundraising efforts.

Customized Giving Pages

To provide a personalized donation experience, the Contributions module allows you to create customized giving pages. These pages can be designed to match your station’s branding and offer various giving options. Whether you’re asking for one-time donations or encouraging recurring support, customized giving pages let you present a professional and engaging interface for your supporters.

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Connecting with Local and Diaspora Audiences

The Radio Base platform’s Contributions module is ideal for stations looking to connect with both local and diaspora audiences. By offering in-app giving, batch donations, fundraising campaigns, and customized giving pages, the module supports diverse fundraising strategies. This versatility is especially beneficial for reaching English and Spanish-speaking listeners, enabling you to engage with a wide range of supporters.


The Radio Base platform’s Contributions module provides an effective solution for driving audience engagement and receiving financial support. With features that include an in-app giving widget, batch donations, fundraising campaigns, and customized giving pages, this module is designed to meet the needs of radio stations and content creators. Whether you’re serving local listeners or engaging with a global diaspora, the Contributions module helps you connect with your audience and raise the support you need to keep your station thriving.


Connect people all over the world with real-time radio

Radio Base, with its management platform and extensive suite of tools, helps you gain a bigger audience, deepen your connection with listeners, and grow your station through contributions.


Reach more people by live-streaming your radio station or organization through the app. Host shows, podcasts, videos, and more.


Manage, publish, and distribute your content with unlimited cloud storage from sermons to podcasts to blogs.


Offer your listeners a way to contribute conveniently online, through your app or website, and
see your station grow.


Effortlessly manage your user base and quickly send updates, ensuring effective communication with your audience.


Optimize listener engagement and boost brand visibility for your digital ministry.


Gain comprehensive insights to measure listener engagement and effectiveness of content reach.

Make a greater impact with your programming

Make a greater impact with your programming

  • Bring the best of your live broadcast to an on-demand audience.
  • Meet your audience where they are at any time.
  • Be present on every listening device.
  • Offer advertisers more targeted advertising.
  • Get the most mileage for your content.

Future-proof your radio station for the digital world

Radio is rapidly going digital. More and more people prefer listening to their favorite broadcasts at their own pace, on their time, and on the device they prefer.

Digitizing your radio broadcast lets you meet your listeners where they are. You can even share live content at a later time, so your listeners don’t miss a beat.

Future-proof your radio station for the digital world

Build your station presence free with Radio Base

Future-proof your radio station and start broadcasting today–listeners all around the world are waiting.

How is Radio Base free?

As a partner of Radio Base, you will be sponsored completely for FREE through the generous support of International Scripture Ministries and THRU the BIBLE. These faith-based ministries are uniquely focused on bringing the whole Word to the whole world, so every person can know Christ.

In 1967, Dr. J. Vernon McGee began a radio teaching program, taking listeners on a systematic journey through the whole Bible. In the 50 years since, pastors, producers, and follow-up teams in more than 160 countries have used THRU the BIBLE in over 120 languages! But our legacy of radio ministry broadcasting doesn’t end there—we are committed to the next generation of radio ministers.

In 2019, ISM and TTB partnered to develop new tools and opportunities for Christian radio stations around the world. With Radio Base, pastors and ministry leaders can access new audiences throughout the digital landscape.

Check out a live radio widget:

Just for you: a mobile-ready web player!

With Radio Base, you can build a widget that allows your listeners to tune in from anywhere. (Check out an example from the Bible Audio Network.)